The Disadvantages to Windows Hosting

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The disadvantages to Windows hosting  are commonly related to its Microsoft-only design.

It is often commented that in comparison to UNIX operating systems, Windows performs less admirably. When coping with the traffic of visiting consumers and high data usage, UNIX copes comfortably while the Windows operating system does experience crashes and downtime more frequently. Accompanying the stability issues are unfavorable performance comparisons between the UNIX and Windows systems. Even if it is a Windows management program running on the Windows OS, the performance bump does not put it into the same league as a UNIX system.

One of the problems related to the Windows performance is its system requirements, while UNIX is minimal is its system demands as it processes data, Windows isn’t. Windows has multiple programs and functions dealing independently with each task which leaves them all requiring their own RAM, bandwidth and disk space.

The final hurdle when using Windows OS for servers is the running cost. Alongside the server’s cost, the operating system also costs because it is Microsoft-owned and not open sourced.

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